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Central Advising Services

 First Year Advising Services Handbook

* see FGCU Catalog for official student governing policies  

Click here for Florida Statute

  IMPORTANT Click here if you have remediation to meet:
Access placement testing referrals & enrollment requirements

* Review Remedial First Year Student Advising Contract *

Click here for Remediation Frequently Asked Questions

The State Board of Education requires demonstration of proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics through subscores on the ACT or SAT. If you do not have subscores that meet the scores below, you may need to take preparatory coursework at your local community college prior to attending FGCU or at Edison College in the first semester at FGCU. The required subscores are indicated below:





Exemption from remediation may also occur if one of the following conditions is met:
  • A subsequent ACT or SAT score that meets the requirement is submitted to First Year Advising prior to registration.
  • A passing score in the remedial area is earned on the College Placement Test (CPT) which is offered at most community colleges and universities. 
    Note:  If the minimum cutoff scores as noted above are not earned on either the ACT or SAT or a combination thereof see bottom page example, students must earn the following CPT scores.
    Testing out of remediation requires these minimum scores on the CPT:
    Math remediation:      72+  CPT
    English remediation:   83+ CPT
    Reading remediation:  83+ CPT

  • Students will only be allowed to take the CPT once.
    The CPT is administered at FGCU testing services. A fee of $25.00 is payable at the time of testing. Please call our office to schedule a test date (239-590-7875).

    Students may prepare for the CPT using the following links:

    Math portion prep links:
  • If students do not test out of remediation by earning minimum scores on the ACT, SAT, or CPT they must enroll and pass the remedial course at a community college before or within their first semester as an FGCU student.  Upon passing a remedial course a transcript showing proof of a passing grade must be presented to the First Year Advising Office.

  • If cut off scores are not earned on the ACT, SAT or CPT students will be required to enroll in the following remedial preparatory coursework:
    Math remediation:  (MAT 0028)  Developmental Math II
    English remediation:  (ENC 0025) Developmental Writing II  
    Reading remediation: (REA 0017) Developmental Reading II
    *These courses are offered at our local community college:


  • In many cases, students will be cross-enrolled while taking college level courses at FGCU.  Academic credit is not awarded for remedial preparatory courses and financial aid does not cover the tuition fees. The Office of First Year Advising will be evaluating freshman admission test scores and will inform students by letter of any need to take preparatory coursework.

    Example of Combination of ACT/SAT scores resulting in remediation exemption:
    - A student earning ACT scores of 16 English, 19 Math, 18 Reading will be remedial in English and Reading.  Yet if this student also earns SAT scores of 440 Verbal, 430 Math they would not require any remediation as they would meet minimum score requirements through their combined ACT/SAT scores, despite not meeting minimums on the ACT English & Reading and SAT Math score.
    (The first year advisor will thoroughly explain this policy to remedial students prior to orientation)


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